There are lies, dammed lies and statistics, as they say. And Coverage Maps.

Coverage maps are to an extent, an optimistic version of reality. They have no idea how far the trees have grown, or if you just planted a 30 foot tall structure in the way. So lets be honest:

  • If you're property is in a Green zone, there's a very high probability that you can receive internet service, without us having to put anything new out there.
  • If you are in the blue area, or just outside the blue area, we might have to put something else up there to provide you with service.

Either way, if you get in touch with us using the 'Sign-Up' sheet, we'll either be able to confirm immediately (because we know the area) or come to your property and check (using binoculars, etc).

Please note that this coverage map is based on our actual transmitter locations, direction and signal strengths, and represents our actual coverage.