Here at, we have a 80mb down, 20mb up ADSL line supplied by And very reliable it has been too. However, as we're approaching 40+ sites, its time to expand. But how? 

The economics of a leased line - at around £1000/month - just don't work. So I've contracted with Evolving Networks to supply a new 80mb/s connection. And come October, when the existing ADSL line contract is over, we can switch that one over to Evolving networks too.

Its a more expensive solution, but it does give us unlimited, uncontended bandwidth on our connection - we are no longer fighting with everyone else in Montrose over BT's congested ADSL network. And we can easily add more lines as our consumption increases.

Given that BT ultimately have to install a line for this to go on, we're talking weeks before this is live and you'll see an improvement in service - but it is coming.

Bill Buchan