Marykirk.Com is a Wireless internet Provider, based in Marykirk, Angus

We can provide your home, your office, your business premises or your farm with fast internet. We can install it and have it running in hours, and since we don't use cables, there's no digging up roads or planning permission to consider.

The Mearns area has now had all the Fibre Cabinets that BT has planned to install. Only people within 1.5 miles of the fibre cabinets will receive anything like a reasonable internet service - and only people within a mile will receive anything more than 30mb/s. The current service provided by BT (and resold by every internet service provider) limits rural broadband, and can only provide a very slow service to most houses. Go to to see how fast your current service is. 

Package  Cost  Bandwidth  Fair Use  Description
Consumer £25/month 5mb/s - 8mb/s 100gb/month  Aimed at the small household or with fewer internet users. Perhaps less than 3 people, and only one streaming media device
Professional Consumer  £30/month  12mb/s - 15mb/s  150gb/month  Aimed at the larger household or with more internet users. Perhaps more than 3 people, and two streaming media device
Business  £40/month  18mb/s - 23mb/s  200gb/month  Aimed at the larger household/small business where you may require Voice Over IP Streaming. You may also require a fixed IP address (Additional £5/month)
Custom  PoA  As required  As required  Aimed at the larger business with business critical internet connectivity needs
        Note all prices are exclusive of VAT at 20% and all packages have an installation fee of £75+VAT


All packages provide at least 4mb/s+ upload and very generous broadband download allowances. (Please note that even BT Infinity Fair use is only 40gb) And since we do not use Satellite technology, this is just as fast as wired internet. (On-line games do not suffer from bad latency).

Please use the Contact form to get in touch if you have any questions, or the Sign Up! form if you want to become a customer. We will then get in touch, establish if you can receive the service, and our installation team will get in touch to agree a date.

Summer over the main network hub. You can just see seven Ubiquiti Nanobeam/Nanobridge devices, each capable of 300mb/s bidirectional communication over 40km. In fact the one at the back is currently supporting a 20km link to south of Montrose.