Some statistics to keep you going:

So far we have: 

    • 15 Nanostation M5 devices
    • 10 Nanostation Loco M5 devices
    • 15 Mikrotic 951 CPE routers
    • 1 Mikrotic RB1100x2hd central router
    • 1 ADSL circuit with another coming at the end of next week, for a total capacity of 100mb
    • 11 premises live with more in the queue
    • A total of 25 miles of Wifi links
    • Consumed 700m of Cat 5 cable (from the drum) 
    • Used 100+ cat 5 jumper leads
    • 1,000 cable ties (We like cable ties) 

    We have also proved that: 

      • Heights don't bother Euan or Johnny
      • Heights scare the bejesus out of Bill
      • Bill cant crimp RJ45 to save his life
      • Euan not only can crawl through difficult loft spaces, he can crawl between two enormous Wasp Bykes without crapping himself
      • Finding customer properties is difficult without a map reference or telephone number. 3 hours to find one near Montrose - that was in a glen, surrounded by trees


      Bill Buchan