What support is there? 

For technical support contact support@marykirk.com.  Customers also have access to a support number, this should be printed on your router.  Regular support is from 0800-2000 Mon-Sun but feel free to ping us a message at any time.

All support is on a 'best efforts' basis, in the same way that BT supports ADSL lines. On saying that, we live locally, and have access to the core routers at all times, so we aim to get you running as quickly as possible. 

How reliable is it? 

The majority of our network relies on a long string of relays.  All major hubs have battery backups meant to last 6-12hrs with alerts setup for power outages and we have generator(s) ready to roll if necessary.  Onus is on our customers to report any faults (though we often detect and respond to outages ourselves), we'll normally be able to diagnose the problem on-the-phone and give an estimate for how long it'll take to get back up and running.

There is a fair bit of redundancy built into our network so if we lose a relay, or an uplink, we can normally get customers back online within hours.  If we are given notice and have time to prepare down-time can be as little as seconds/minutes.

At the time of writing we manage over 500 customers across almost 800 wireless links via dozens of relays from domestic buildings to 30m masts.  Some of these relays serve single customers, others service over 100.