Do I need a Phone Line? 

No, you don't need any sort of phone line for this to work. Our equipment is independent of this. 

Can I run my phone line over this connection? 

This is a complicated question, and its up to you to weigh up the pros and cons.

The one advantage of a phone line (here in the UK) is that you can attach a hardwired old-style phone, and it will work during a power cut, as the exchange is designed to run for extended periods on battery and generator power.

If you have someone in your household who may need emergency help, or if the mobile phone coverage isn't great in your household, or you have devices that need access to the phone line - such as security systems - then you might want to consider keeping a phone line in the house. This is especially true in rural, remote households where the nearest neighbour isn't nearby. 

Imagine if we had a really bad snowstorm, the power went out, and then someone needed help urgently. 

Our core network is battery backed, and of course spread across multiple locations. In order to keep your link active during a sustained power cut, you'd need to add some battery backup to your household in order to power our equipment  

Please weigh up your personal circumstances and decide what route is best for you. We're more than happy to answer questions on any of this, of course.

Can you recommend a VoiP Provider?

Yes, we switched our own landline over last year - and wrote up this journal entry. We now have 5+ customers using this solution (that we know about).