Why are we providing wireless internet access? 

In most areas, British Telecom are the monopoly provider. This is certainly the case in rural Scotland. And since they are the monopoly provider, and since we do not have a basic right to broadband (as we do to a telephone line) they are not obligated to provide a service to us. 

In Urban areas, where there is competition, someone might have the choice of three or four basic providers such as BT, Virgin and so forth. In ruralshire, no. 

But surely they're upgrading the entire country ? Yes, and at the same time no. They have published the lists of places that will get fast (more than 2mb) broadband, and these plans are final. If you are not on this list, chances are you will NEVER get broadband.  If you key in Marykirks' postcode in their broadband checker, you get this:

Welcome to the Howe of the Mearns.

Welcome to the Howe of the Mearns.

The grey points are exchanges which will NEVER get superfast broadband under BT's current, final, and published plans. 

Surely there is something we can do about this? 

Yes. Aberdeenshire Council have instructed the Scottish Government to allocate some funds to paying BT to actually finish the job they should have done themselves. The tender has been submitted by BT in June 2013, and you can only imagine when that actually means that the exchanges will be upgraded. 

So this is WHY we're setting up a wireless internet service provider. 

Bill Buchan