Parental control of the internet

Those of you with children in your house - I understand there's a constant battle in terms of them wanting everything on the internet, and you wanting them to (quite rightly) shield them from truly horrible stuff.

Now can't endorse a particular system - because if/when it goes wrong, we'd be on the hook for the unpleasant after-effects. We can't touch this with a bargepole.

However, we can point to solutions on the web and advise people to have a look and make their own decision as to it's worth or not.

I was recommended by a friend and it looks interesting:

This replaces the normal DNS service in your router with a filtered one, keeping out most of the horrible parts of the internet, and allows you to see what your household is looking up. (The DNS server - Domain Name Service - converts web addresses like '' to it's address and is the first part of any conversation using the internet).

It's not hard to defeat by a determined person (and I wont outline how this could be done here), but it might be a part of a whole solution.

I'd be keen to hear feedback from people who might be using this already, or want to use this.

Bill Buchan