Wifi 4, 5 and 6..

Do you know the difference between 802.11n, 802.11ac and the new 802.11ax ? We do, but you dont have to. And there’s a new labelling system from the Wifi Alliance that gives us all an easy to remember numbering system.

It boils down to :

  • Wifi 4 - is the older 802.11n standard

  • Wifi 5 - is the current ‘fast’ 802.11ac standard

  • Wifi 6 - is the forthcoming even faster 802.11ax standard.

The higher the number, the more capacity.

What does Marykirk.com provide? Our newer customers - for the last couple of years - have received Mikrotik 952 routers, with two different wifi antenna built right in - one on the 2.4ghz range and one on the 5.5ghz range (the one we’ve labelled ‘5G’ - but confusingly not the 5G phone standard).

Both these antenna run Wifi 5 at present. As soon as we hear from Mikrotik, we’re find out if these can be software upgraded .

Bill Buchan