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Dear Sir

I would like to highlight BT's current lack of progress in terms of rolling out rural broadband here in the UK. In my particular area, we have ZERO Superfast broadband (Compared to 86% in the capital), and 18% of people on very low speeds, 20% less people in Aberdeenshire actually subscribe to Broadband.

Given the obvious business benefits of having internet (I cant believe I'm actually typing this in 2013!), surely we as a nation should be encouraging people to work from home and support their rural communities, rather than having to commute - or worse still - move house - into an Urban Area in order to receive viable internet speeds.

Below is an open letter I've sent to the CEO of BT Scotland, via his support staff. You may find some of the links useful.

Since we have given up on BT ever actually supplying us with service, we are demanding parity with our Urban cousins in terms of product and service.

Best regards, 

---* Bill


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