An open letter to the CEO of BT Scotland

Ms Toal, 

as part of the team representing the BT Scotland's CEO Office, I can only say I'm extremely disappointed in the responses I have received from BT in the last SEVEN years as regards BT's ADSL roll-out here in Aberdeenshire. These included, as part of our last communication, outright lies by the BT sales force.

BT's monopoly of ASDL outside of Urban Areas is well documented, yet BT still remain reluctant to actually roll out existing technology beyond the urban cherry-picking areas. 

I discussed this in depth here. and this was used by Nigel Don MSP in the Scottish parliament here:

And yet, today, we receive news from the National Audit Office that broadband rollout is far slower than anticipated, far more costly, and of course BT are the only contractor.  Hardly surprising news.

This is highlighted in this BBC news article here: and backed up by OFCOM figures for 2012 here:

The latter shows that whilst London has 86% superfast broadband availability, Aberdeenshire has ZERO. None. Nada. Zilch.

This is neatly summarised here:

Since BT refuse to outline when exactly the Mearns will get superfast broandband - if ever - we have now lost patience. You can see the current rollout plans showing the entire area south of Stonehaven as a broadband black hole here:

I think the time to rely on BT as a broadband supplier has long passed. 

We, here in Marykirk, are now determined to provide our own superfast broadband connectivity. However, as the monopoly supplier, BT hold a stranglehold in the marketplace.

Therefore, I wish BT to supply us with a 300mb Fibre link - as you would in any urban location, to the centre of Marykirk. On a wholesale basis, in order that we can provide our own infrastructure. I believe the wholesale price for £1,000 installation and around £60/month is the current going rate.

Of course, you might claim that since the local exchange does not provide this service, you cannot supply this service. However, I would point out that since I do not control your network, I have no control over when fast broadband might ever make it into rural communities. You are a monopoly provider - lets hold you to that. 

Why should we continue to suffer because BT has clearly failed to manage their network rollout?

I have copied in 

  • Nigel Don MSP
  • Councillor P Argyle, Aberdeenshire Council, who I believe is working on the BT Tender for broadband in the mearns
  • Sir Robert Smith, MP

Gentlemen, were you all aware that the situation in Aberdeenshire was quite this bad? 

I await your response with anticipation,

Best regards,

Bill Buchan


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