The National Audit Office says Broadband rollout is too slow.

In this BBC article here, the NAO claims that broadband rollout is too slow, that BT is the only contractor, that it wont hit the 2015 target and that its going to cost too much.  

We cant say we're surprised. Lets look at the superfast broadband rollout figures, from OFCOM, for 2012. We have Aberdeenshire: 


Aberdeenshire. ZERO superfast broadband

Aberdeenshire. ZERO superfast broadband

Lets compare that against Greater London: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.30.33.png

ZERO percent superfast broadband for Aberdeenshire, and 86 percent for Greater London. The Oil Capital of Europe has ZERO. 

I think we can pretty much write off BT as a reliable supplier of superfast broadband, despite their monopoly of rural areas.

Bill BuchanComment