Power outage - Craig of Garvock - Friday 11th November.

Around 10am, the SSE power supply to the entire Craig of Garvock area - basically the bit between Johnson Tower, Ecclescraig and Craigo - went down. This resulted in a 8.5 hour power outage, where we ran on generator, with a number of 'blips'. 

One of these blips took out our main RADIUS server - the thing that authenticates your router to our network - and resulted in outages for some people which lasted into the night.

Apologies for all the inconvenience. We have as usual taken away a long list of things that have been improved, so when it happens next time there'll be less - or no - outages at all.

The transformer outside the Craig of Craig of Garvock farmhouse blew up - and I'm impressed that SSE managed to get a crane, a crew and a replacement transformer in place in such a short period of time. 

Did I mention it was cold on the hill that night?

Bill Buchan