Scores on the Doors.

Every so often, people ask us 'how many'.. So as of today, we have:

  • 370 live antenna in the field
  • 215 paying customers, and 260 sites in total
  • Tallest mast structure we use - 40m. 120 feet. And yes - the least fit member of the team - me - has climbed it.
  • We now cover from Temple of Fiddes down to Memus, near Montrose.
  • 18 ADSL lines, giving well over 1gb of internet traffic, with three more lines on order
  • Ashley, Liam and Karl look after support and equipment
  • We installed 24 new customers in October - a new record.
  • Andy and Norman do the installations. (Their business - Standard Security in Stonehaven - are available for other TV, CCTV and ethernet work)
  • Euan and Neil also work on an ad-hoc basis
  • I still travel 1,000 miles a week for the day job and am basically unavailable Monday-Thursday during working hours.
  • We finally broke-even in July - after three, long, long hard years.
  • Our longest wireless link is around 12 miles.
  • Our largest device - the Ubiquiti NB620 - is 62cm in radius, or four feet across. We have four in operation with another two in the workshop ready to install. 
  • Our most expensive device - The Mimosa B5 - is around £1,400 for a pair. We have 6 pairs in operation. 
  • Best way to contact us is to email support at Someone will get back to you during business hours. Next best way is to call the support number - 01674 439 777. It rings all our mobile phones. 
Bill Buchan